Our History

In 1991, brothers Enzo and Tony Ricci joined in partnership to establish Ricci Dental.

With two practice locations previously known as Hope Valley Dental Care and Morialta Dental Care, Ricci Dental has been providing quality dental care in the Eastern and North Eastern Communities for over 30 years.

Over the years the practice has developed and now see patients from across the state and country! In 2023 Ricci Dental has grown and welcomed Chelsea who is Our Practice Manager, overseeing the day-to-day activities, ensuring best practice from a dental front and ensuring we follow the highest standard of infection control, as well as the latest standards recommended by our various governing bodies.

Ricci Dental has now grown to a team of 5 providers;
Dr Brandon Hoe: offering Invisalign treatments
Dr Kai Ling: who consults at Hope Valley on Thursdays and Saturdays
Maddison our Dental Hygienist

With our high level of commitment to building relationships with people coming to us for care, we at Ricci Dental will continue our proud family tradition of providing quality dental care for the community.