Tooth Whitening

In-Chair Whitening – only $490

The safest and most effective way to whiten your teeth is at the Dentist.

Here’s why:

1. Only a qualified Dentist can use whitening bleach that delivers results. At Ricci Dental we use Pola Whitening Gel, which is 37% hydrogen peroxide.

2. As a Dentist, we determine your suitability for the treatment, to assess your overall oral health and thus achieve the best result possible.

3. We provide you with custom made trays to take home, thus enabling you to maintain that beautiful white smile for longer.

4. We also provide you with additional gel syringes, to safely use in your home.

So ask us about Pola in-Chair Whitening, and look a million dollars on any ZOOM meeting!

Learn More About Tooth Whitening

  • Tooth whitening is an easy, cost effective way of improving your smile.
  • At Ricci Dental we now offer the POLA Advanced Tooth Whitening System.
  • POLA Whitening provides a safe, quick and reliable tooth whitening system with immediate results.

Advanced POLA Whitening;

  • Is clinically proven to produce fast and effective results utilising breakthrough blue light technology.
  • Removes discolouration due to age, coffee, red wine, coloured foods and smoking
  • Gently removes both surface and internal teeth stains..

Call us at Ricci Dental to help you achieve the beautiful (white) smile you deserve.

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